2013 Executive Board Meeting Minutes





Call to Order

12:04pm by President Jose Bosque


Roll Call of Officers

All Officers Present


Previous Meeting Notes

Motion to accept the notes by Jim Nichols, second by Todd Hays. Passed.


Treasurer Report

Currently we have $12,837.69 in our account.

Brenda Rickard prepared all required tax documents.

We are continuing to pay $26/month for a storage unit for Region 1 records and supplies. There was a discussion about what we are going to do to purge/scan/maintain these old records. Also, some suggestions were made on how to store and maintain equipment for the trials, such as purchasing a trailer. A motion was made by Ron Bowling to scan old records, second by Cory Bowling. Motion passed.

The amount of money in our account, if continues to increase, may result in a change of our tax status. Continue to monitor.

Motion was made by Jim Nichols to accept the Treasurers report, second by Ron Bowling. Passed


Old Business



New Business

Discussion was held regarding the membership of Shay Maimoni of West Palm Beach, Fl. He had submitted a membership application online to the National Office of the Secretary. The application was accepted and Region 1’s split of the dues ($15) was sent to us. In reviewing the application it was for an associate member. Mr. Maimoni, in his application was a retired Sgt with the Israeli Special Tactics K9. He provided no backup documentation and is not associated with any Law Enforcement agency. All attempts to contact Mr. Maimoni have failed. His membership was not approved by our Region, therefore his membership has been cancelled by our Region and the money will be sent to the national secretary, so his full amount paid will be refunded.

Todd Hays brought up a discussion about the Leon County Sheriff’s Office K9 Koda, who was killed in the line of duty earlier this year.

Randy Rickard discussed the need to take care of the judges in our Region. It is needed to keep the judges interested in coming to the trials. The Region and/or host agency needs to pay for the rooms. It was also mentioned sometimes it may be hard to do this, depending on the amount of dogs at a trial and the cost of the hotel accommodations.

Roy Parker stated he sends out invitations to all Region 1 judges. We currently pay for ½ the room and if any judges want to share a room to eliminate anyone paying that is up to them. We have improved in many ways with regard to the judges, such as paying $50 and $.25/per mile for travel.

Randy Rickard made a motion, second by Bruce Harris to comp judge’s rooms by seniority on a trial by trial basis. Discussion.

Randy Rickard amended his motion, second by Bruce Harris, if the region is financially able, on a trial by trial basis, the region will pay for ½ the room and the host agency will pay the other half, for the judges and scorekeepers. Motion passed.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is hosting the 2014 Region 1 Trials.

Haines City Police Department is considering hosting the Region 1 Trials in 2015.


Event Manual

Some changes were suggested for the manual:

Awards Ceremony/Banquet section currently has a price for the meal at a maximum of $25. It was decided to remove the price. Motion made by Ron Bowling, second by Cory Bowling. Passed.

Also concerning the cost of the awards banquet, it was discussed to add it to the registration cost. Roy Parker made the motion, second by Jim Nichols. Passed.

Further discussion was held about the trophies and plaques awarded. An example of each will be included in the manual. We should use the same vendor for the trophies/plaques to ease the ordering for each trial. Ron Bowling made a motion, second by Aaron Peterman, to have it in the Event Manual, to use the Region specified vendor for awards. Passed.

Cadaver dog certification for civilians was discussed. These civilians must be “special members” with requirements of a background check and a letter from the Law Enforcement Agency in which they assist.


Meeting adjourned at 1:23pm

January 19, 2013 Executive Board Meeting



JANUARY 19, 2013


Members Present:

Jose Bosque- President

Bruce Harris – Treasurer

Aaron Peterman – V. Pres.

Jim Nichols – V. Pres.

Cory Bowling – Trustee

Ron Bowling – Trustee

Wayne Gulsby – Trustee

Harry Barraclough – Trustee

Todd Hayes

Roy Parker – Trustee

Becky Schreiber – Secretary


Installation of Officers:

Becky Schreiber – Secretary

Cory Bowling – Trustee

Harry Barraclough – Trustee

Wayne Gulsby – Trustee


After installation a discussion reference the official ballot count. We need to encourage members to vote. A motion to destroy the ballots was made and passed.

A motion was made to accept the previous meeting notes as presented. Passed.


Treasure Report

*Awaiting final checks from previous secretary, Susie Rogers.

*In reference to the regions credit card, any expenditure over $500 must be approved by the Board.

*There are some trials still open.

*A discussion reference to income tax forms and books for audit.

*The treasures report was approved and accepted.


Old Business

Jim Nichols reported the National Trial 2012 was closed out.

If anyone needs anything posted on our website, maintained by Maria Cabrera, send to Jose Bosque first.

New Business

*Highlands County Sheriff’s Office was accepted to host the Regional PD1 2013 Trial.

* Discussion was held in reference to the holding of “mini trials” before the Regional. A motion was made to change the by-laws preventing these mini trials being held before the regional. Passed.

*Discussion was held about the light at the 18 yd line. It was decided to purchase a remote control light and have it before the Regional in May 2013.

*Lakeland Police Department is proposing to host the 2014 National Training Seminar. They are requesting ideas from the region members on types of training to include. A motion was made and passed.

*On March 1, 2013 @ 1:30 pm a ceremony will take place at Lakeland Police Departments Training Center to dedicate it to Ron Bowling (LPD). Everyone is invited to attend.

*Discussion was held regarding the number of Board meetings held each year. It was decided we would meet two times a year, not four times. Motion passed.

*K9 Training Schools was discussed. It was suggested we may want to have regional schools, preplanned each year, and posted on website. This would assist agencies in preparing for costs, etc..


Committee Reports

By-Laws Committee. Cory Bowling is the new Chairperson.

*Judges Committee. Roy Parker would like copies of score sheets, especially for the novice judges. We must ensure the Judge Applications procedures are followed to get to the national office. Roy Parker will order the ammunition for the Trials.

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