Hosting Mini Trials

An agency desiring to host a certification process will contact the Region vice-president assigned to the agency’s area. He will in turn, notify the Region One President and attempt to contact all board members for approval.  This certification process will be limited to a maximum number of thirty-five (35) canine teams. The minimum number will be left up to the area vice-president who will make the determination based upon the judges’ availability and that the trial will be self-supporting.


The registration fee for the certification process will be seventy-five dollars ($75.00) or as set by the Executive Board. Each additional certification is twenty-five dollars ($25.00). Example: If a handler is certifying PD1 and Detector, PD1 – $75.00 + Detection $25.00 for a total of $100.00


The host agency will select the chief judge and judges for this event. The host agency will contact the judges’ committee for approval of the utilized judges.  Also, The host agency is responsible for all needed equipment.  The district certification process must be self-supporting in relation to costs.  See Regional EVENT MANUAL for further information regarding Certifications.


The hosting agency will pre-fill the Mini Certification Form with the information such as location, dates, and times.  The flyer will be distributed by the host agency and it will become the registration form for the certifying K9 Teams.  Please ensure that the K9 Teams are completing the forms for certification so ensuring proper payment and memberships are made easier for processing.

  • PayPal for Mini Certifications ONLY!

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